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We pride ourselves on a no-nonsense approach to training, delivering  high quality training throughout the UK.

 With experience gained from combined backgrounds within Military (including Special Forces), Diplomatic, Intelligence and Government Services, our operatives can lay claim to being amongst the very best of their kind.

 We have instructors and training venues throughout the length and breadth of the nation to serve you, even at short notice.

 Our training courses are always packed with fun and enjoyment, and plenty of hands-on practical scenarios – which we feel is THE way to learn.  We reduce the amount of sitting around in the classrooms to an absolute minimum – as I’m sure you will agree, there is no substitute for real situation learning.

What makes us different then?
We will not only come and deliver the training at your venue (if suitable) but we can run courses at the hours to suit you.  
Prefer early mornings?  Or late evenings?  What about weekends?   
No Problem.
Do you have multiple locations?  Don’t worry, we’ll come to you wherever you are!
Don’t have suitable venues for training?  
We have a number of venues in each area which we can use , and we will pick the most suitable venue for the training course you choose.
Staff based abroad?
Would it make more sense to send us out to them, rather than pull all of them back to the UK?  No problem – we are happy to serve you WHEREVER and WHENEVER you need us.

We can offer a huge range of courses, and if you require one that you cannot find here, or on our website, please ask – as we may well be able to run one for you.

We also offer "Bespoke Training" whereby you tell us what you NEED to be trained in, and we will create a course for you, (e.g. Basic Life Support and Choking).

If you have any questions, or just wish to make a no-obligation enquiry, then please do get in touch.

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